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Autism Awareness in the Restaurant Industry

The world is a very different place when you have autism. The simple pleasure of dining out in a nice restaurant can become fraught with stress and anxiety, and this is particularly true for children with autism who find any changes to their routine unnerving. To them, a restaurant poses an unfamiliar setting, bustling with strangers. What is the leisure and hospitality industry doing to… Read more

Infographic: London’s Restaurant Landscape

London’s restaurant property market is an exciting, continually evolving nucleus of creativity and competition. As an often volatile and reactive industry, food hospitality is one that demands restaurateurs to always keep an eye on the market to ensure the best possible chances of success. From the latest food trends such as flexitarianism and vegan cuisine to the hottest new restaurants and politics, we take a… Read more

Will UK Hotel Performance Slow Down in 2018?


“Hotels’ good fortune continues but as uncertainty weighs in, is this as good as it gets?” – PwC The UK hotel industry has seen record trading figures for 2017. Hotels in London saw a growth of 5.8% over 2016 results, whilst hotels in the provinces had a growth of 2.4% over 2016.  But forecasts for 2018 are not quite so positive. Accountancy firm PwC made… Read more

Our Partners and the Services They Offer

restaurant property partners

As leading specialists in all things to do with the restaurant and leisure business, we’d like to think we know a great service when we see it. This is one of the reasons why we are proud to have some truly impressive partners who are experts in their field. From a world renowned champagne through to a charity and leading hospitality recruiters, we’d like to… Read more

Are Restaurants Too Noisy?

noisy restaurant

Restaurant patrons across the world are joining in unison on a much talked about topic – noisy restaurants. Dining out is an occasion to enjoy delicious food, a nice ambience and share the experience with friends and partners. This image is often shattered with excessively loud dins at some restaurants. Charity Action on Hearing Loss has heard diners’ complaints of the intrusive and painful levels… Read more

Little Restaurant Brands Outgrow The Large

New research shows that small but fast-growing casual dining brands are growing at around six times faster than bigger names, according to a recent edition of AlixPartners and CGA’s Market Growth Monitor. Despite the market for new openings and sales remaining rather flat, Market Growth Monitor found that smaller restaurant brands (classified as those with less than 25 sites) achieved an increase in premises of… Read more

Restaurant Property Continues to Take Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger

With food literally being our bread and butter, we have always wanted to take an active part in helping people around the world, which is why we are an enthusiastic supporter of Action Against Hunger. Founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organisation committed to ending world hunger. Through hard work and an inspiring dedication to some of the most in-need people,… Read more

Hyper-Convenience and The Need for ‘Now’

In the not too distant past, long lunches and sociable mealtimes around a table were the order of the day. Nowadays, the ways we eat have changed drastically. People in 2017 are busier than they ever have been, and consumers demand instant gratification. Hyper-Convenience A report by OnePoll (in partnership with Nestlé Professional) entitled ‘Hyper-Convenience: Breaking Boundaries to Meet the Needs of 24/7 Consumer’ looked… Read more

Food with Thought: How Restaurateurs Are Going Sustainable

Sustainability is nothing new in the food and drinks industry. From Fairtrade coffee through to organic, locally sourced vegetables, there is a smorgasbord of sustainable products for both the general public and the savvy restaurateur. Sustainability has progressed from a buzzword often mentioned at trendy local farmers’ markets to an actual business model. The restaurant business can be ruthless, so for a restaurant to project… Read more

Is London Still the Place for Operators and New Concepts?


With Harden’s 2016 survey recording “off-the-charts” growth in new restaurants opening in the capital, those in the industry naturally ask “is this likely to continue this year?”. We think so. The restaurant property market has been short of stock for the last 5 years, so now even with the number of buyers down by 25%, the demand still far outstrips the supply. You only ever… Read more

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