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    Tag Archive: across the zones

    1. Across the Zones: The UK’s Culinary Hotspots

      We’ve worked our way from the premium restaurant property locations of Zone 1 all the way out to the outstanding restaurant villages on the capital’s outskirts. To catch up, choose from: • Zone 1 • Zone 2 • Zone 3 • Restaurant Villages Now we’re leaving London behind to explore the culinary hotspots across the rest of the UK, from big metropolitan centres to small… Read more

    2. Across the Zones: The Exciting Food Frontiers of Zone Three

      London leisure property agents

      London is a hive of interconnected food villages, each with its own distinct aesthetic, clientele and values. In the first part of this series, our London restaurant agents explored some of the best leisure and hospitality properties in Zone One areas like Soho, Shoreditch and Mayfair. In our next piece, we extended our analysis to the trendly new independent operators and fashionable, fast-casual chains taking… Read more

    3. Across the Zones: Zone 2 – the up and comers

      Zone 2 restaurant property

      In the first of our ‘Across the zones’ series, we focussed on the London restaurant openings located at the heart of the capital, driven by top-down investment by larges estates. Here, we’ll expand our analysis to areas situated in London’s Zone 2. We will see how independent operators are clustering to transform the identity of an area. In turn, this generates a social buzz and… Read more

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