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    Tag Archive: Food trends

    1. 5 Food Trends Affecting Your Restaurant Right Now

      Food trends

      As a restaurateur, you operate in a trend-heavy industry. Keeping in touch with what’s in vogue is a great way to stay in the spotlight, attract new customers and cash in on new concepts. Here are five trends that are sure to influence the UK’s restaurants over the next year. 1. The demise of ‘dude food’ The most recent Menu Trends survey from Horizons has… Read more

    2. Why Peruvian Cuisine Has Taken London by Storm

      Peruvian Cuisine

      So many global influences exist in London’s restaurant scene that most can claim to be represented in some shape or form. But every now and then, one cuisine lights up menus like wildfire. If we told you a mere five years ago that a Peruvian craze was just around the corner; that soon you’d be feasting on tuna ceviches and drinking pisco sours, you might… Read more

    3. London’s Specialist Pairing Concepts

      Restaurant Trends

      One of the biggest restaurant trends in London’s restaurant market is the rejection of a wide-ranging menu in favour of narrow range of dishes. Whereas previously, restaurants competed to offer variety, selling dishes covering numerous styles and cuisines, now many operators are now narrowing down their menus: narrowing not merely to one style, but often to one key dish or even ingredient. Here we explain… Read more

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