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    Tag Archive: London Restaurants

    1. 6 Key Questions to Ask Before Taking out a Restaurant Lease

      According to the Business Outlook 2016 report, the restaurant sector is predicted to grow by about 10 per cent this year. This all stems from a stimulated restaurant buying market where operators are feeling confident enough to expand – albeit with the turbulence of Brexit. Taking out a lease for a new restaurant is where it all begins, and our restaurant property agents are the… Read more

    2. The Latest Mixed-use Developments in London

      London is a complete melting pot of people from all economic, social and class backgrounds, and this diversity is represented perfectly in the retail, leisure and hospitality property found throughout the city. Here, we’ll go into depth on some of the developments across the capital that marry these experiences – existing and in the planning stages – providing amazing retail, leisure and hospitality concepts for… Read more

    3. Why Is London’s West End Still So Relevant for Restaurants?

      London’s West End is a historic, thriving area of Central London that has been popular with top scoring chefs, property landlords and big developers from around the world for decades. 2016 looks set to follow this trend, so what makes this area so diverse, distinct and vibrant? A Diverse Property Mix Attracts a Diverse Crowd As a district, London’s West End is thick with some… Read more

    4. New Restaurant Trends for 2016

      (Photo courtesy of Andina) At the start of the 2016, the UK restaurant industry is in an especially exciting place. As landlords with restaurants for sale become more willing than ever to take risks on bold new restaurant concepts, get ready for a wave of exciting new restaurant trends in 2016. Chains That Deliver From Grub Hub to Deliveroo and Just Eat to UberEATS, food… Read more

    5. Trendy Restaurants London Will Love in 2016

      Trendy Restaurants London

      Like any brand, the hype around a London restaurant will ebb and flow over time. The trendy London restaurants on this list are ones that have gained serious momentum over the past few months, and who we expect will continue to grow and kick on in the new year. 1. Shotgun 2015 had to wait until mid-October to get its hands on a meal at Shotgun,… Read more

    6. Restaurant Trends: Success with Seasonal Menus

      Restaurant Trends

      Seasonal menus are among the most enduring restaurant trends of recent years. From Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte and Greggs’ festive pasty, to Porky’s Thanksgiving Menu and Costa’s summer Ice Menu, restaurant operations everywhere are cashing in on the demand for seasonal menus. Away from the big chains and household high street brands, fine restaurants often boast seasonal menus, but how does their success differ from Pret’s… Read more

    7. The Three Types of Restaurant Property

      Restaurants and bars for sale in London can be divided into three categories. Everyone in the leisure property industry will recognise these categories as essential to the prospects and potential of those properties. As a landlord looking for business success, it’s imperative to know how your properties fit into them. Doing so is essential to finding the right restaurant operation for your property. Primary Restaurant… Read more

    8. Why Hotels Are Homes of Restaurant Excellence

      London has 80 Michelin Stars. An incredible number of these are won by restaurants affiliated to a luxury hotel. Could this be why, when a restaurant to let in a luxury hotel enters the market, it triggers a frenzy of interest? Here our London restaurant property experts examine why restaurants within luxury hospitality properties so often achieve culinary excellence. To the benefit of restaurant landlords… Read more

    9. London’s Specialist Pairing Concepts

      Restaurant Trends

      One of the biggest restaurant trends in London’s restaurant market is the rejection of a wide-ranging menu in favour of narrow range of dishes. Whereas previously, restaurants competed to offer variety, selling dishes covering numerous styles and cuisines, now many operators are now narrowing down their menus: narrowing not merely to one style, but often to one key dish or even ingredient. Here we explain… Read more

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