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    Tag Archive: Restaurant Trends

    1. How to Future-Proof Your Restaurant for 2020


      Food and dining scenes are rapidly changing. How we eat, what we eat, how it is sourced, prepared, served and ordered are all undergoing a sea-change. New technology, heightened consumer expectations and emergent food trends are all creating a demand for a new type of restaurant and a new type of dining experience. How can your restaurant capitalise on these new trends, entice a changing… Read more

    2. Can Restaurants Cash in on Fad Diets?

      Pure Taste

      In summer of 2015, a W2 restaurant called Pure Taste closed down. It has been open less than a year. Nothing new here – many restaurants open and close within the space of a year. It’s a competitive industry. So why write about Pure Taste? There are two things that make Pure Taste stand out. Diet Trends Shaping Restaurant Menus Firstly, it had an intriguing… Read more

    3. New Restaurant Trends for 2016

      (Photo courtesy of Andina) At the start of the 2016, the UK restaurant industry is in an especially exciting place. As landlords with restaurants for sale become more willing than ever to take risks on bold new restaurant concepts, get ready for a wave of exciting new restaurant trends in 2016. Chains That Deliver From Grub Hub to Deliveroo and Just Eat to UberEATS, food… Read more

    4. Restaurant Trends: Success with Seasonal Menus

      Restaurant Trends

      Seasonal menus are among the most enduring restaurant trends of recent years. From Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte and Greggs’ festive pasty, to Porky’s Thanksgiving Menu and Costa’s summer Ice Menu, restaurant operations everywhere are cashing in on the demand for seasonal menus. Away from the big chains and household high street brands, fine restaurants often boast seasonal menus, but how does their success differ from Pret’s… Read more

    5. London’s Specialist Pairing Concepts

      Restaurant Trends

      One of the biggest restaurant trends in London’s restaurant market is the rejection of a wide-ranging menu in favour of narrow range of dishes. Whereas previously, restaurants competed to offer variety, selling dishes covering numerous styles and cuisines, now many operators are now narrowing down their menus: narrowing not merely to one style, but often to one key dish or even ingredient. Here we explain… Read more

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